Ellie's summer knits.

I have been working hard this week making Ellie some cute skirties and shorties for the summer. I started with the skirtie. I was unsure about how it was going to look the entire time I was knitting it but with the reassurance of a friend I kept up with it and I am glad I did! It is beautiful! The yarn used was a single ply merino in the "enchanted" colorway dyed by Sugarbubbie on Hyena Cart.

Shorties I can knit with my eyes closed. They are the reason why I started knitting in the 1st place. I got the "Asia" colorway on 3 ply purewool dyed by Little Trunks(also on Hyena Cart) and was in LOVE with it! I love red and I thought it was going to look so cool knit up. I was right about it looking cool knit up but the second Ryan saw them he said "There is no way Ellie is going to wear those." I was so sad but he was right. They are totally boyish and without a big pink bow in her hair she looked like a boy wearing them. So I am sad to say I am going to have to sell them on Diaperswappers.com.

And one more of Ellie wearing them. Afterall she does have the pink bow in her hair :)

I have one more skein of Little Trunks wool to knit up. I was going to do another skirtie but since my shorties were a no go for Ellie I may end up making another pair of shorties with it. Who knows.........stay tuned.

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