The Great Girl Scout Cookie Experiment Attempt #1

This year was Isabela's 1st year of Brownies. She was so excited to become a Brownie and even more excited when cookie sales came around. She eagerly examined the prize list and came to the conclusion that she had to have the pair of elephant slippers. The problem was to get the slippers she had to sell 210 boxes of cookies. Great. Now I have to call every single person I know and get them to buy Girl Scout cookies and hope I can sell enough to get her the damn slippers. It turns out people LOVE Girl Scout cookies and will easily buy 10+ boxes from you in a heartbeat. So ultimately Isabela *won* the slippers and all the prizes leading up to them and I gained 5 pounds from eating too many do-si-dos. Alas, all the cookies were gone from my home but I found myself craving them so I decided to try and make my own.
In my 1st attempt I made my version of Thin Mints. I tried to look up recipes to follow but only found one that required me to make dough from scratch and roll it out and cut into circles and bake.... BLAH! I would no sooner die then roll and cut dough so I had to find a no bake recipe. I remembered a thin mint type cookie Ryan brought home from a work potluck recently. It was a plain chocolate animal cracker dipped in dark chocolate with a few drops of peppermint oil in it. Simple enough right? Sure.....kind of. I bought the bag of animal crackers, melted a bag of dark chocolate and added a couple tsp. of peppermint oil, easy. The next part was not so easy. Next, I dumped all the animal crackers into the chocolate and stired it up until all the crackers were coated, sounds easy, but it wasn't. Once they were all coated I had to dig my hands through melted chocolate and lay each and every cracker on wax paper and let them dry. They turned out pretty darn tasty if you ask me and I have to admit I ate them by the handful several times a day until they were all gone.

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