No baby birds.

I'm sad to say there will not be any baby birds hatching on my front porch. :( After Robin laid her 4th egg I never saw her again. I debated whether or not to leave the nest up in hopes that she would come back or to take it down. I decided to leave it up.

2 weeks had gone by and there was no sign on Robin coming back so I peeked in to see if maybe by some miracle the eggs hatched all on their own but there was no such luck. Unfortunately, all I saw were the same 4 unhatched eggs.

So I took the eggs out of the nest and cracked them on the fence. I don't really know what possessed me to crack open the eggs. Maybe it was my inner destructive psyche releasing itself or the overwhelming curiosity of knowing whether or not there were baby bids inside those eggs. I am glad to report that there was only yoke in those eggs and I found peace knowing that Robin did not ditch her eggs because she was spooked by us but because her eggs were duds(which is the case in 40% of all nest eggs).

So in the end of all of this sadness for me and the girls, something good came out of this: I was able to use the egg shells in my composer and Isabela got to bring the nest in to show her class.

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