Fire bellied toads

Today we got 2 new pets. Meet Mister and Sparkle, our fire bellied toads.(sorry for the crappy intro. pic. Its all I could get.)

A few days ago the girls told me they wanted a pet frog. Being a huge frog lover myself I agreed. So we set up their 2 gallon aquarium to accommodate A(meaning 1) frog. Little did I know we were coming home with 2. I should have known that two kids cant share 1 frog. They each had to have their own so Isabela picked out a brown frog, a girl, and named her Sparkle and Olivia picked out a green frog, a boy, and named him Mister.

We get home and put the frogs in their habitat and we quickly learned one thing. Sparkle is really a boy and Mister is really a girl.
You can only imagine the devastation from my girls when they realized that they picked out the "wrong" frogs. These frogs were attached to each other like gum to the bottom of a shoe on a hot summer day. Mister hopped all over the tank while Sparkle held on for dear life. Isabela then asked me, "You do know what they are doing right Mommy?" I played dumb and said no. She proceeded to tell me that they are mating and the male frog is squeezing the eggs out of the female frog. I asked her where she learned all this and she told me Animal Planet. Figures.

I stood there watching these frogs in their 2 gallon aquarium which I once believed would be prefect home for a frog and realized that it was just not going to work. Sure they had enough space to live but they did not have any room to jump around or swim. I told Ryan we had to get a bigger tank. His eyes got big and he said, "Oh no!!! We are not doing this again. Take them back to the store." I laughed and reassured him that I was not going to go overboard with these frogs like I did with the Red Eyed Tree Frogs I had when we were in High School. He knew he had lost this battle before it even began so he backed off. So tomorrow I am going back to the pet store to get a 10 gallon aquarium and some gravel.

I do have to admit that I am really excited to have frogs again. I really do love them and they make me happy watching them jump around having mad crazy froggy sex. Im just not ready to be a grandma yet,LOL. Look for another froggy post when Mister and Sparkle move into their new home.

Edited to say that unfortunately Sparkle has died. 2 days after we got them we noticed he was not in the tank. We looked all over for him and then I looked over at our sink. Our sink piled high with dirty dishes. I carefully pulled all the dishes out of the sink but did not see him. Then a horrifying thought crossed my mind. I knew right then and there he was in the garbage disposal. I called everyone because I was freaked out to stick my hand down there to get him out. Finally Ryan told me to put on a rubber glove and take him out. So that's what I did. R.I.P Sparkle

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