Blueberry, Oh Blueberry.

Our blueberry bush is doing great. We have it planted in a large container on our patio right next to our cantaloupe plant. I will eventually have to find somewhere else to plant it since it's full growth potential is 6'x6'.

Yesterday when I went outside to water the plants I noticed I had one ripe blueberry. A round, plump, bluish purple blueberry. It looked delectable. The girls were drooling over it too and I thought it would be rude to pick it and eat it right in front of them so I left it on the bush. My plan was to drop the girls off at camp and pick the blueberry when I got home.


I took the girls to camp, came home and went over to the blueberry bush. I know it is only one blueberry but it is always exciting to get your 1st harvest of the season. I bent down to pick the blueberry and it was gone!!! Damn bird got to it before I did.

I'm trying not to get too mad over this. I will take it as my lesson to pick your harvests early and often and to get some netting to put over my plants so birds cant peck.

Fortunately, the bush still has a good bundle of unripe blueberries that should be ready to pick at the end of the week. You better bet I'll get to those before that bird.


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