Product Review- SafetyTats

As some of you may know on St. Patrick's Day this year we lost our 3 year old Olivia. The parade had just ended and we were packing our stuff to leave just as the police were opening the barricades. When we looked up we saw Isabela but Olivia was nowhere in sight. Ryan started running around calling her name and looking for her. Other people around us started calling for her too and asking us for a description of her. After a few minutes of searching for her we began to panic. I spotted 2 police officers and told them my little girl was missing. They asked for her description and sent out a missing child alert on their radios. Then we had to wait. I felt like throwing up. Ellie was crying because she wanted to nurse and Isabela was complaining that she was tired and thirsty but I did not even care. I wanted my Livi to be found. After 20 agonizing minutes the police officer we were with got a page on his radio saying that they found a little girl matching our description. They found her 3 blocks away from where we were. We waited while they brought her back to us. I was never in my life so happy to see her.

Luckily for us she was able to tell the police officer her 1st and last name and told them our names but I knew that may not enough if this ever happened again. I needed something else. I contemplated buying her a kid leash for the next time we went anywhere crowded. I have always been against those things thinking they were cruel and stupid. It is crazy how fast our opinion changes about something once you actually have a need for them. Then I came across SafetyTats on a website. I thought they were cool but I did not order them.

When we were planning our vacation I remembered the SafetyTats and was going to order a package to take with us. You could imagine my surprise when I opened my in box to see that I won a trial package of Safety Tats from iBreastfed.com. Unfortunately, they did not get to us before we left for vacation(they arrived the day after) and fortunately we did not have a need for them. But we were able to put the tats to use when we went to the reptile show.

SafetyTats carry more than just "if lost" tats they also carry tats for special needs children, allergies, medical conditions such as diabetes, school tats for field trips and tats for tweens. They have tons of cool designs to suit whatever your child is into and you can buy them in travel packs of 6 up to big packs of 120 tats. Don't want to write your own info out? No problem! SafteyTats offers customizable 2 line tats too!

I just want to say a big thank you to both the people who were kind enough to bring my daughter to the police instead of leaving her on her own and the creators of SafetyTats. SafetyTats are a great product that I think all parents should carry in their cars or purses just in case.

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