The capture.

Yesterday I went outside and pushed down all the mounds and trails left by Mr. Mole and waited to see which ones popped back up so I would know where to stick the traps. Later in the evening I went back out and noticed that one trail was defiantly back so I knew that was the main tunnel. I placed the trap according to the instructions on the box and went to bed. This morning I went outside not really expecting anything sine the woman at Lowe's said the traps never work. Well guess what? The trap had been triggered! I went into the garden and pulled it up. I admit I was very nervous because I did not want Mr. Mole to be dead and I defiantly did not want my kids seeing him with spikes going through his cute little body knowing their mommy did that to him. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw Mr. Mole, alive, in the hole that the trap left when I pulled it up. He had somehow got all the way into the trap before it closed. I don't know if that is normal being that I have never trapped anything before and the box said the trap kills. Anyway Isabela got me 2 shovels so I could scoop him up.

This is Mr. Mole after we dug him up. Aren't his front feet and claws crazy? They are so big compared to his rear feet. He has a cute little orange patch on his face.

After we were done observing him we loaded him up into the van and drove him far away from our garden. Here he is in his new home.

I wish I could say alls well that ends well but later this afternoon we drove to see the Mounds left by Mr. Mole. Unfortunately, we did not see any mounds. We saw Mr. Mole laying dead on the ground. It was really sad and I don't know why he died. But at least he is out of my garden.


~amanda~ said...

Hey LL..here's your comment.

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

I can't believe you went back to see him!!! Also can't believe the trap worked so fast... I am sort of into pretending that the animals on the side of the road are "sleeping" so maybe Mr. Mole was just really tired from his adventures.

Lo said...

LOL Julie. Isabela wanted to bury him so I had to take a stick and fling him into the creek :( I could not believe the trap worked so fast either. Now if the other traps for the other moles worked as fast......