Eco Friendly home products.

I know there are a lot of people out there who want to go green but don't want to sacrifice performance. I am one of those people. To do our part in saving our Earth we use bamboo towels instead of paper towels, and we use washcloths(with ice cream cones on them) instead of paper napkins. I use reusable grocery and produce bags instead of plastic, and I buy foods in the bulk bins to cut cost and needless packaging but when it comes to my clothes and dishes I just couldn't do the green stuff. I never felt like it got my clothes or my dishes clean enough. Until now.

Meet Purex Natural Elements.

This is BY FAR the BEST Eco-friendly detergent I have EVER used. It smells great, it gets my clothes clean, gets stains out, comes in an HE version....Everything I have ever wanted in a laundry detergent. Im in love. Purex Natural Elements is the first mass laundry brand with EPA recognition. The plant-based surfactants in Purex's Natural Elements detergent are sourced from nature's renewable resources, including natural fragrance extracts and naturally softened water. Both the detergent and liquid fabric softener have biodegradable, concentrated formulas that requires 50 percent less liquid per dose and a recyclable bottle, and it is also hypoallergenic and dye-free. (sited from Purexsavesgreen.com). If you want to try Purex Natural Elements tell a friend and get a coupon.

I have not tired the fabric softener yet but I will after I run out of this great product.

Meet Ecover Fabric Softener.

I originally bought Ecover to soften Ellie's cloth diapers. It wasn't until I left some clothes in the washer for a couple days (What? It happens!). I re-ran the colthes through a rinse cycle with some Ecover to freshen them up a bit and OMG! My clothes came out silky soft and smelling fresh. Instant love. Ecover is made with plant and mineral ingredients, has minimum impact on aquatic life, is completely biodegradability, and is HE washer compatible. Here is a coupon for Ecover.

Who hates doing the dishes? I DO!!!! But it makes me happy when I run my dishwasher with this.

Meet Palmolive Eco+.

In my opinion all those natural dish washing detergents out there just do not work well. I've tried several of them and was not impressed and felt like I wasted my money. Palmolive Eco + is not exactly Eco-friendly because it has chlorine bleach in it BUT it is phosphate free so less harmful chemicals are getting dumped back into our water sources . At least by using this product I am getting clean dishes and I am taking a small step in keeping our planet clean. Want a coupon? Sorry. I posted a link to a coupon earlier but now its gone :(

I hope you find these reviews helpful and that you utilize the coupons and give these products a try :)

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Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

I haven't heard of the fabric softener... sounds lovely. We started using the dryer balls when Lulu was rocking cloth diapers. I still use them and am happy... but then again, I do miss the soft, fluffy subtly scented bath towels... hmmmm. thanks for the coupon.