M-M-M My Toyota.


This is my Toyota Sienna.

The van I fought and fought and finally broke down and bought 15 days before Eliana was born and she was 5 days overdue.

Why the Toyota?

It drove like my Subaru.
I LOVE my Subaru- Thank You Ryan for keeping it.

What sets my Sienna apart from all the other Siennas that every other mom is driving?


Everyone asks why I let Isabela put stickers all over the window of my brand new car.
The answer is simple.
I did not let her put the stickers there.
Ryan let her put the stickers there while I was in the hospital recovering from a wicked C-Section and I'm too lazy to climb back there with the Goo Gone to remove them.

Besides, the stickers have grown on me.
I can quickly pin point the location of my van in a sea of other vans by looking for those stickers.
Plus they add character. :)

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mcveggie said...

i just found your blog (from crafty crow) and i think its great. Anyway we bought this same van this year and LOVE it! Such a great vehicle for kids, and good on gas for a van.