Product Review. Joy's Hope/Pretty. Messy. Flowers.

A couple of weeks ago I did a Google search for a bow making tutorial. I clicked on the 1st link and it took me to Joy's Hope. I read the tutorial and decided to have a look around. I spent a good 2 hours reading every.single. post on Julie's blog. I also read Joy's story and cried my eyes out. I'm hooked. Joy's Hope is my new favorite read. Hop on over and have a look. I promise you wont be disappointed. Oh and if you are wondering I never got around to making those bows.

While reading Joy's Hope I found out that Julie makes hair bows called Pretty. Messy. Flowers. They are big, they are funky, they are pretty. I loved them and when Julie announced that she was having a shameless plea sale to get a new double stroller I jumped at the opportunity and got the girls each a flower. We got Angelina, Ellena, and Kennedy. Here are the girls wearing their Pretty. Messy. Flowers.

Visit Joy's Hope Etsy shop and buy some Pretty. Messy. Flowers. for your daughters, you nieces, your friend, your mom, yourself. Whoever. And Mom, if your reading this your granddaughters would love to have Pinnie, Annelise, and Abby. Hint. Hint.

Thank you Julie for providing a great read and awesome girly stuff to buy. :)


Liz said...

these are so cute!!! i need to have a little girl so i can get one. p.s. i started a blog. lets see how it goes!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Your girls are soooo cute!!! Love them rocking the flowers. Thanks for the sweet write up!