Yom Israel.

Today at Isabela's camp they are doing a mock tour of Israel.  She is super excited about it and spent the whole night telling me about going to Jerusalem and visiting the dead sea, donating toothbrushes and tooth paste as a mitzvah, bringing in some of her savings for a lap top to donate to Kotel.  Since going from preschool to public school it seems like she had lost all her senses of Judaism.  I'm really glad we made the decision to send her to a Jewish camp so that all that knowledge could be restored.

This morning the girls asked when we could go to Israel like daddy did.  I told them that one day they will get to go for free since it is their birthright. They asked why mommy did not get to go.  I had to explain to them that mommy was not born Jewish so I did not get the free trip.  They were upset and Isabela told me that instead of getting a lap top with her money she was going to buy me a trip to Israel so I could go with her and Livi on their free trip.  What a sweet kid.

Hopefully we can take a family trip to Israel someday.  Until that day comes I can only dream about floating in the dead sea.


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