Back to school.

Today was my Bela's first day of second grade.


I was sad to see her go.

This morning she dressed herself.
She picked out a cute dress from Children's Place, a pair of pink Converse with pinker glitter stars, rainbow heart socks, a pony tail and her glasses.
Nothing matched, her glasses were bent, and her shoes were tied real crazy but I let her go.
I had to.
She's getting too big.

I now regret sending her to camp for 6 weeks and
I secretly wish Olivia would have started school before her so that I
could have some alone time with my first born.

Aren't they a sight for sore eyes in the morning, LOL.

I hate how time goes by so fast once you have kids.
It is the one time you wish would go by slower. So that you never miss a second of it.
Funny how life works out isn't it?

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