Cork/dry erase board makeover.

My kitchen is ugly.

When we first moved in a little over a year ago I was so in love with the rest of the house that the kitchen did not bother me. Well, it bothers me now.

The painted over wallpaper is peeling off in chunks, the paint on the cabinets is rubbing off, and my ovens are dysfunctional. The bottom one does not cook evenly and is so low to the ground that the kids can easily open it and the top one cooks evenly but it is so high up that I burn my arm every time I use it. It is a lose, lose situation.

Since we are in the process of getting our basement remodeled I know it is going to be awhile before we get to do a kitchen remodel so I am doing little things to spruce up the place and make me happy.

This is my cork/dry erase board.


Ugly isn't it?

Last night I decided to pretty it up by painting the border. Doesn't it look better?


Don't mind the green on the cork board part. I thought it would look nice painted but the cork soaked up a whole bottle in 2 seconds flat so I tired to wipe it all off with a lysol wipe. That did not work out too well.

I had to think of something to cover it up.

Hows this?


Pretty fabric always makes things better but it still did not look right so I added a border of ribbons around the fabric.


There, that looks better. Now to hang it back on the wall.


Not a big project but it was nice to wake up this morning, walk into my kitchen, and see something pretty in there besides my girls.

Sorry for the crappy photos but that was the best I could do at 2 am.

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