Garden Bloggers Death Day.

Busy day today with 2 posts. First off, its Garden Blogger's Death Day hosted by Kate at Gardening Without Skills. I was hoping I would never have to do a death day post but the time has come. We have had some death in our garden this month and it has come in the form of bugs. Beetles, caterpillars and horn worms.

The squash beetles came and ate my zucchini plants before I even knew they were there. By the time I noticed them they had evaded my plants and wiped them out of my garden in only a few short days. I was sad because I really love home grown zucchini. I was surprised the other day when I saw that one zucchini plant actually made it and was growing in between a tomato and an eggplant plant. There may still be hope of getting a homegrown zucchini this summer.

Caterpillars are eating on my cherry tomatoes and my eggplant.  Look at these holes in my eggplant.

I tore this guy right out of on of those holes.(sorry for the blurry pic. My camera acts funny sometimes.)

Its sad. Very, very sad. Oh well. Caterpillars will be caterpillars

I was weaving one of my tomato plants into the trellis' and I noticed small corn looking black things.

It was poop! And not just any poop. I had seen this poop all over gardening sites and I knew right away I had horn worms. I found 2 of them and boy were they HUGE!!!


They were easily the width and length of my pinky finger. They creaped me out big time.

 The girls put them in a bucket to show Ryan when he got home. We took them with us to Lowe's and let them go in a tree. I secretly hope they die. Sorry, but I do.

So that is the extent of death in my garden this month. Hopefully those stinking bugs will stay out of my garden and let me enjoy the fruits and veggies that I have worked so hard to grow.


Daphne said...

You are so much kinder than I. I kill all the hornworms I find. Well not the ones with the cocoons on them, but all the healthy ones.

Kate and Crew said...

OMG LL! You're a riot - took them to Lowe's LOLOL. I'm dying. You're out of control. You need a tomato hornworm intervention.

donna said...

I'm so glad I came here for a visit. This is my first time seeing horn worm poop. My goodness, it's quite impressive:) So funny that you took the worms to Lowes and released them.