The Garden- Week 10- compost and the 1st harvest.

I lied.  I said I was going to do 2 week 9 posts but I didn't.  Please forgive me.

Yesterday we emptied our composter, mixed it up, and dumped it into the garden.  It's crazy how all your food and yard waste turns into soil.  Hopefully it will do it's job and help my garden grow.

In other news we got our first harvest! YAY!!

A big bowl of mixed salad greens, some basil, and one little strawberry.

In picking our lettuces I learned something new.  Bigger is not better, bigger is bitter.  The lettuce was so spicy and bitter that we threw it right into our composter.  I did some research and it said to pick your lettuces in the a.m. and when they are 2 inches tall.  Glad I know that now.

The same went for the basil.  N-A-S-T-Y!   It did make some nice garnish for our ravs last night.

The strawberry was a big hit. We all wanted to eat it.  So I took a knife and I split that teeny tiny strawberry in 4 and we all had a tease taste. It was tasty!

As for the rest of our crop:

Our zucchini was all killed by wicked squash beetles. By the time we got to them it was too late. They laid their eggs on the stem and the evil larva eat them, killing the plant. Little buggers!

We have 2 green peppers that are growing beautifully, a TON of tomatoes, 3 cantaloupes, and a pumpkin. Our beans are finally flowering and our eggplants are flowering as well. It is nice to see stuff growing. It makes me happy :)

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