Summer Squash and Couscous Caserole.

With a crazy baby on the loose sticking every thing possible in her mouth and choking on it, construction workers coming in and out of my house, kids starting school, and the self esteem shattering disappointment of gaining 5 lbs. after I have been running/walking 2 miles every freaking day for the past 5 weeks I have had very little time (and alot less enthusiasm) to cook anything new, cool, or unique. I did however try this recipe I got off of Mama Manifesto. Everyone in my family ate it up even Ellie. They even asked for seconds. I ate the leftovers today for lunch and they were divine. Click the link for the recipe, read the blog, make the casserole and tell me if you liked it or not. oh and eat a piece for me because I'm sure I will never be able to eat it again without gaining 20 more pounds :(

Happy cooking!!!

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