Dear Swiffer...........

Dear Swiffer,

I remember the day we 1st met. My husband brought you home for me.
He said you would simplify my life.

He was right.

You were fast, you were easy, you gave me an extra half hour to my day that I did not have before.

I lusted for you,
but after the lust died down I began to see you in a whole new way,

I began to hate you.

I thought you were wasteful, expensive, and horrible for our planet.


than I read this article and realized you were not so bad after all.

I can knit so I dont see why I cant knit you one of these.


I really do believe that you use less water than traditional mopping.


There are tons of coupons out there for your wet pads.

I'm still mad about throwing 12+ mopping pads into a landfill a week but relationships are about making sacrifices and learning to accept flaws.

So, I have decided that you can stay in my life for many many more years to come.

Thank you!


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