Has anyone ever seen these?

They are so weird!!

The first time I saw someone wearing these I could not help but stare.

They just look so.......


I wonder how they feel on your toes?

Do they make them feel claustrophobic?

What if your toes are too short?

or too long?

I don't think I would like them.

It would be cool though if they made some that were flesh colored and painted faux toe nails in funky colors on them for girls and put faux fur on the big toe for guys.

It would make a weird shoe.......



pink-to-green said...

I'm tempted to say they are so ugly they are cute, but I'm just not sure. They are definitely unique!

5 orange potatoes said...

lol, you are hilarious! they are very strange....would have to try these on. well, maybe not, socks with toes are uncomfortable to me.