Welcome to the Jungle.

In our old house my girls had a beautiful room.

The walls were painted Palace Pink.
Their names were spelled out above their beds in white letters from Pottery Barn Kids.
They had matching fairy princess bedding and sleigh beds...
it was every girly mom's little girls dream room.

When we moved I wanted their new room to be a mirror image of the previous but my girls had other plans.

They wanted a Jungle room.....

with blue walls.......

and animal paintings.

I was sad.

One year later I finally got cracking and finished their "jungle" room.
Good thing they are still into it, LOL

Here is a tour:


The cheetah and the tree were painted by my dear friend Jimbo. His family is very artsy. They own a family business called Color Image. They are some seriously talented people.
I'm very happy to know them.

The "butterfly" above the cheetah was made by Olivia in camp using coffee filters, a popsicle stick, and colored pipe cleaners.

Ellie loves the cheetah.
She is always touching it,


And trying to climb it,


In the corner are the guard dogs, Biscuit my lovin' pup and rollover pup.

Over the window I hung the vines that Isabela brought home from her jungle themed room in camp.
Im glad they let the kids take stuff home instead of throwing it all away and Im glad that we could actually put them to use.

I even took one of Isabela's snake Webkins and wrapped it around the vines.

They totally dig that.


In the corner I took 2 bookcases that I got off of of Craigslist for $10. I stacked them, screwed a piece of ply board onto the back of the top one, and then anchored it to the wall with really long screws.

It's good thing I did that because last weekend I caught my 6 year old niece climbing up it.
Now I know it is secure.

Originally Jimbo was supposed to paint a monkey in that corner but he never got around to it so I displayed some of Isabela's monkey stuffed animals up there.

Not as good as a painted monkey but they will do.

Notice the chameleon?


Cool isn't he?

Its a stick on wall graphic from Solana Graphics Studio on ETSY.
Olivia could not get over how big it was when I put it on the wall.


It is so bright and life like.

I love it!

I tore out some pages from Isabela's Zoobooks and framed them. I Mod Podged some cheetah paper on them and I think they tuned out pretty cool.


I bought some artwork too.

I got these on clearance at Burlington Coat Factory.

Photobucket Photobucket

and I got this red eyed tree frog artwork on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond.


The frog is hanging over the kids closet.

I took the doors off today,


I love how it make the whole room seem bigger and more open.
I need to paint in there now, LOL.

Bored yet?

Don't worry I'm almost finished.

The girls wanted animal print bedding so I got these sets off of Overstock.com. Isabela's is the leopard cheetah print and Olivia's is the zebra print.


I'm really happy with the way it all turned out and the girls are in love with it!

Thanks for taking the time too look :)


Kate and Crew said...

Holy creativity LL! Nice job! Those are some lucky girls you've got there. I like it all, but I'm partial to the chameleon on the branch!

shannon said...

I love the stick on lizard! It looks so realistic!

Liz said...

i love the girls new rooms! so cute...great job.