Bottomless Cup.

Last week I went to the movies with my sister Alex to see New Moon(again).

We sold our souls and my 1st born for a large soda with free refills
(like you need a gigantic soda with free refills during a 2 hr. 20 min. movie)

Anyway, the cashier asked if we wanted a "New Moon" collectors cup for 50 cents with our purchase.

Hell ya!

Whats 50 cents when you've already lost your soul and your 1st born?

So we see the movie, drink too much soda, and finally end up at my house.

While washing my new "New Moon' cup I read the back. Its an advertisement for Vitamin Water. It reads:

Ok, 1st off vampires dont drink vitamin water.


if drinking Vitamin Water makes a man look like this

Than every man should RUN to the nearest AMC theatre, sell thier souls and their 1st born for one of these cups, and drink viatmin water


Just sayin'.......

oh and for the record. I know no men can normally look like that(even Rob) so I have to send a big THANK YOU out to Vanity Fair's photo editing crew


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