DIE NutriSystem!!!

 First off let me say that I dont "do" NutriSystem. My Mother-In-Law buys the package deal whenever it's on QVC, keeps about 10 things and gives the rest to me. I like the snack bars but I eat them 3 at a time, and the cereal packages have to be eaten 3 at a time also, defiantly NOT how you are supposed to eat NutriSystem food.  Anyway, I made some of the pancakes this morning.

Here is how they looked:


BARF! They tasted worse than they look.  I had to drown them in pure maple syrup to hide the distinct taste of cardboard.  Nastiness to the max I tell ya.

As far as eating healthy goes, I think I'll toss the NutriSystem and stick to steaming veggies in this beautiful 3 tiered steamer my husband bought me.


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