New Years Resolution Update.

My new years resolution this year was to start using better and safer beauty products and I am happy to report that I have been sticking to it!  It is really fun trying out new products BUT there is a downfall. 

First, even when buying sample sized product it has been a VERY expensive journey. Second, I have had some BAD skin and hair days as a result of me and said products not meshing well together. 

I do have 3 products that I am absolutely IN LOVE with.

I am a face wash snob.  I can find issues with just about every single face wash on the market. I used Mary Kay Time Wise 3 in 1 cleanser for 6 years. I LOVED that I did not need water to use it, I LOVED LOVED that it never made my skin feel tight and dried out, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED that I sold Mary Kay and got it at a discounted price. But sadly, they changed the formula from a universal one size fits all to 2 seperate formulas, neither one of which was right for my skin, the new formulas require you to use water(BOO!), and I am no longer a Mary Kay sales lady so no discount. PLUS the product was not very green for the earth nor my skin SO moving on to better things....

Im in love with this cleanser!  Yes I have to use water but I got over it after my first use.  It smells like yummy oranges, it has a thick rich lather, and it does not make my skin feel tight and dry. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin too. My pores are smaller, I have very few blemishes, and my skin seems to glow after washing. I have been using since December and I dont think I will have to ever change facial cleaner again. YUMMY!!

I have very strange hair. It is thin, but I have alot of it so it looks thick, it is not straight but its not curly either, it is kind of wavy/curly/frizzy/straight all mixed together....not very attractive and my hair goes from nice, fluffy and pretty to flat, ugly and oily in a blink of an eye. Very crappy until I found Abba pure gentle shampoo and conditioner.

The shampoo is very gentle and is really soft. It feels like you are washing with conditioner a little strange the first few uses but I got used to it. The conditioner is a leave in which I was a bit iffy about at first but it works well for me and it makes my showers faster so Im saving water. My hair is always clean and soft and it stays oil free all day long. Im so happy with this product!

So 3 new, greener, safer beauty products in 3 months is not too bad.  I cant wait to find more great products!

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