2 weeks ago I planted seeds in my little indoor greenhouse. Sounds fancy right? It's not, LOL

I decided to stray away from the norm this year and plant some different stuff. This year we will have small and large tomatoes, zucchini(after an epic fail last year I'm determined to have them grow this summer), black beans, black eyed peas, green beans, regular peas, sunflowers, marigolds, sweet peppers, red onion, swiss chard, spinach, and bell peppers. Don't these seedlings look happy?

OOPS! Forgot to upload pic. Ill get to it sometime today

In the raised beds we took out all the dead plants from last season, removed the trellis',and turned the soil. We will put the trellis' back up whenever we need them. The girls had fun taking the seeds out of the dead marigold plants.


Our strawberry plants survived the winter


I'm so excited for everything to grow!!!!!

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