stinkysweatyarmpits SAY WHAT!?

Continuing on with my New Years Resolution I have been on the look out for a good deodorant.  This has been something I have been looking for for YEARS! There was even a time where I said "screw it" and stopped shaving and let underarm nastiness invade me and there was even a time before that where I could not even pronounce the word deodorant.

Nice right?

Just another thing I have written on this blog that you could have gone your whole life not knowing about me.

Moving on....

One day while searching through 2 years worth of Rachel Ray magazines looking for a dinner recipe I stumbled upon this

As far as natural deodorants go it is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.  You still sweat which is not attractive BUT you don't stink. 
I'll take sweat over stink any day baby.

 It is a bit pricey ($12 for 2.6 oz.) but one thing I have learned through this journey is natural and organic stuff is not cheap.


Kate and Crew said...

Holy crap Lo - you clearly do NOT live in FL. I couldn't imagine being okay with the sweat!

Hillary said...

This is kind of strange, but I read in a science magazine that deodorants work best if you put them on before you go to bed. I guess they soak in over night, then you wash it off in the shower and it works all day. You may want to try that.