I'm doing it all for the Nook.

I want one of these


So bad that I am tearing my house apart finding fabulous junk stuff to sell so I can come up with at least half of the $260 it cost to buy one.

Can't you just see me laying on the beach in Gulf Shores, AL reading ALL my favorite books on my new Nook?

I can.

Why the Nook over other eReaders?  

Let me tell you....

-Its from Barnes and Nobles. I heart Barnes and Nobles.
-It is compatible with the St. Louis County Library's electronic book lender. How cool, easy(and lazy) will it be to not have to request a book, wait for it, go pick it up, read it in a day, then go and drop it back off?
-You can download hundreds of older books for free.  Some of my most favorite books are on that list.
-It can store up to 1500 electronic books. Have more than 1500 books? No problem! The Nook has a memory card.
- WiFi, touch screen, E ink display, adjustable text size....the list goes on and on.

I cant wait!!!!


Kate and Crew said...

You're a freak - Now I'm singing that song. Thanks for the earworm.

You like a Nook better than a Kindle?

I need pages to turn. I'm old-skool

Lo said...

Kate- the kindle only works with Amazon.com ebooks and is not compatible with our library so the nook it is :)