The Worst Week. Ever.

This was the WORST week in the history of weeks.


Thank you Quaker for putting crack in my kids strawberries 'n cream oatmeal. They have been cracked out all week and when it is bed time they are so strung out they cant settle down.

Thank you malicious teenagers for going down my quiet cul de sac and reaping havoc house by house. We all appreciated cleaning latex paint off our cars, calling our car insurance companies to report break ins, theft, and body damage, and for the one poor family who got their dining room window broken- we all feel sorry for you for having the pleasure of dealing with your home owners insurance.
Good luck.

Thank you same stupid teenagers for leaving paint on your front porch, leaving finger prints all over the empty can of paint you left on my husbands car, and for dropping your paint covered keys in the street.
Real smart.
Hope you enjoy jail.

Thank you hubby's work for loading him up test after test so that he is grouchy and cranky when he gets home hours after our kids have gone to bed for the night.
Your awesome.

Thank you teething baby for keeping me up between the hours of 2:30 and 5:30 am. I really enjoy that. Let's do it again tonight.

Friday oh Friday, I was hoping you would be better. You were until I dropped a tray of seedlings on one of the only floors in our house that is carpeted. I wanted to get a pic of the mess but I was literally fighting Ellie off with all I had.
She wanted that dirt.

Since there is no redo, or start over button for life, Im hoping, hoping, hoping that this coming week is better.


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Kate and Crew said...


You need to start drinking.