My sister has taken my camera hostage and since I dont like to do posts with no pics Im going to put up some photos of her in hopes that she will be embarrassed motivated enough to bring it back to me before I resort to more drastic measures.

The goof ball took these pic of herself on my camera while she was babysitting. Alex, oh Alex, you should have never done that... I am now going to have some fun at your expense.

This is Alex at the beginning of the night, you know when the kids are happy and smiling and playing nicely


This is Alex after the kids decided they have had enough of her and she's just about lost her mind


and this is Alex at the end of the night after she has gone completely mad from dealing with the insane wrath of my totally crazy sweet innocent little girls


Thanks Alex for watching my kids and giving me a good laugh. Now GIVE ME BACK MY CAMERA!!!!!

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