Excess baggage.

Remember family road trips with you were a kid?

Driving along with the music set to background noise, talking and laughing with your family, playing the license plate game, singing songs and sleeping if you were lucky?  

All you need to pack were your clothes, toiletries, some toys, snacks, and yourself.

While packing for our road trip tomorrow I discovered a mess that we NEVER had to deal with when we were kids.

Electronics and their chargers.  

Those things need their own luggage! 
We have 2 cell phones, 2 Nintendo DSs, 3 iPods, and a nook. All have different chargers and all are necessities when going on vacation.  I know this is the bare minimum and that most families have double what we have. 

So sad that Road trips now consist of putting some ear buds in or turning up the radio to drown out the annoying noise of everyone else in the car. 

Hopefully when we reach our destination we can forget about our electronic companions and spend some quality time with our beloved, irreplaceable human companions.


Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Bah!!! My gmail won't send to your aol. Or your aol in your blogger profile is you old one...

anywho, in reply to your sweet comment....

Can I tell you how much I hate the guts out of Janey's quilt right now.
Hate it. Every single pretty square. The pretty squares that my mom got
sick of me complaining about, so she ironed them for me. They just sit
there. Taunting me. Mocking me. Because they know that there is no day in
the very near future that I will even get to them. So they collect dust. I
get depressed. Then to distract myself I see that someone else finished the
same quilt with
a baby in her lap. Then I am over the edge depressed. So I eat ice cream.
Because my teeth hurt and I can't eat toffee crack. Which also makes me
depressed. Then I write an email to baby lap quilter and tell her that I am
coming to steal her quilt and she better lock it up. She tells me that she
wishes she had more people read her blog. I tell her that she can have my
people if I can have her quilt. She kindly declines. So no quilt. But I
get to keep people like you who are real, and rad. And get my crazy.

So glare at your quilt and eat ice cream. It sort of works. For like five

Anonymous said...

HI Lo! You won a prize from Cotton Babies and your e-mail address was returned to me. Can you drop me an e-mail?

creatingme said...

Love you blog! I will be certainly be back as soon as I have a few more moments!!!

love the quilting pics. I just started my first quilt, totally free, no rules, and I am loving it. So relaxing with amazing results. I think I may turn into a quilter now! Love the orange in your quilt!