Lazy Mud Pies?

Remember when you were a kid, playing outside during those long, hot summer days making mud pies?  

I do.
I remember digging a hole in the ground with a spoon that I took out of the kitchen while my mom was not looking, filling a watering can up with water from the hose (then taking a drink from said hose), pouring the water into the hole, adding the dirt back in, stirring it up to make mud, then forming "pies" with my hands or a bowl or some other plastic object that I had laying around. 

Ah, the good old days...

Today I saw a commercial for this

WTF!!!??? Seriously!? 

PAY $40 to make something that should be made with FREE stuff and your IMAGINATION! 

Have we become so lazy that we can not teach our children to use their imagination to create a freaking mud pie? 

Give me break people...

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