Healthier dessert.

I keep seeing all these whoppie pie recipes all over and they are driving me INSANE.  Yesterday, my Nook got stuck on a picture of a whoppie pie and it kept zooming in and out as if it was saying to me,
"Lo, you know you want to eat this yummy, chocolate-y, icing filled, rolled in sprinkles deliciousness."
I said back to that nook, "Yep. You bet I do! But keep walking buddy I wont cave!"

Here is my version of a healthier whoopie pie.

-2 low calorie cookies. I use Dad's Original Scotch Oatmeal Cookies. 70 cals.
-1/4 C. of low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt. I like Edy's slow churn vanilla. 50 cals.
-a TBSP(or 2) of  caramel sauce.  44 cal for 1 TBSP. (or 88 cal. for 2)
- 5 pecan halves crushed up. 49 cal.

How to:
Just scoop the ice cream onto the bottom cookie, add the nuts to the caramel sauce, drizzle over the ice cream, and stick the top cookie on. That's it!

213 calories per serving OR 257 calories if you added the extra caramel sauce (you know you did.)

Not too shabby!!!

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