Most people look forward to Fridays. Friday is the beginning of the weekend and for most people that means relaxing, hanging out with friends, being lazy, and having a good, stress-free time.

I on the other hand do not look forward to the weekend. Weekends are hectic.  Everyone is home, cooking is required 3 times a day, family activities last all day and leave me feeling drained and crabby by days end.  No time to relax, no time be lazy, no peace and quiet. Its just go, go, go.


For me Mondays are my T.G.I.F.  Husband goes back to work and the kids go back to school. I have time to sit down,drink my coffee, and read a book. I can clean the house and it stays that way, there is only one meal to prepare, and most importantly IT IS QUIET.

So to all my stay at home moms out there who have kids at school and husbands at work. Kick up your feet, read a book, have a mid-day cocktail, and RELAX!  You deserve it.

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