Furniture Revamp.

When we moved into our house the original owners left behind most of their furniture. It was all pretty much brand new and in fabulous condition (read no little kids around to trash it). We were grateful because the furniture that we had was a collection of "stuff" no one else wanted.

Along with all the great stuff they also left some less than desirable things as well.

Take this desk for example.


Not a terrible desk, in fact, it is in excellent working condition. It's just a bit of an eye sore. So I decided to revamp it.

While I was taking the drawers off I found this letter scrunched up in the back.


I thought it was really cute and gave me a bit of history behind the desk.

Anyway, back to the revamp.

First, I sanded off the finish, gave it a coat of primer, added a few coats of spray paint, some new hardware and voila! A totally revamped, functional, and pretty desk.


My inspiration came from Infarrantly Creative in this post. She is brilliant.


Liz said...

great job! i need to do this to a bookshelf have in my kitchen.

Ashley said...

Love the desk! But I REALLY love the letter. So funny...I wonder how long ago it was written? I hope I haven't left any letters in secret places along the way....