Excess baggage.

Remember family road trips with you were a kid?

Driving along with the music set to background noise, talking and laughing with your family, playing the license plate game, singing songs and sleeping if you were lucky?  

All you need to pack were your clothes, toiletries, some toys, snacks, and yourself.

While packing for our road trip tomorrow I discovered a mess that we NEVER had to deal with when we were kids.

Electronics and their chargers.  

Those things need their own luggage! 
We have 2 cell phones, 2 Nintendo DSs, 3 iPods, and a nook. All have different chargers and all are necessities when going on vacation.  I know this is the bare minimum and that most families have double what we have. 

So sad that Road trips now consist of putting some ear buds in or turning up the radio to drown out the annoying noise of everyone else in the car. 

Hopefully when we reach our destination we can forget about our electronic companions and spend some quality time with our beloved, irreplaceable human companions.



Right now Nashville Tennessee is suffering from a terrible natural disaster.

Homes were lost,

property was destroyed.

Right now, the Gulf of Mexico is polluted with millions of gallons of oil.

Marine life and animals are dying,

natural habitats and marshlands are suffering or are ruined.

Help your country out in a time of need.

Please take a portion of your Haiti donations and help Nashville flood victims here and to the National Wildlife Federation's Oil Spill Relief Fund here

Thank you!!!


Lazy Mud Pies?

Remember when you were a kid, playing outside during those long, hot summer days making mud pies?  

I do.
I remember digging a hole in the ground with a spoon that I took out of the kitchen while my mom was not looking, filling a watering can up with water from the hose (then taking a drink from said hose), pouring the water into the hole, adding the dirt back in, stirring it up to make mud, then forming "pies" with my hands or a bowl or some other plastic object that I had laying around. 

Ah, the good old days...

Today I saw a commercial for this

WTF!!!??? Seriously!? 

PAY $40 to make something that should be made with FREE stuff and your IMAGINATION! 

Have we become so lazy that we can not teach our children to use their imagination to create a freaking mud pie? 

Give me break people...



My sister has taken my camera hostage and since I dont like to do posts with no pics Im going to put up some photos of her in hopes that she will be embarrassed motivated enough to bring it back to me before I resort to more drastic measures.

The goof ball took these pic of herself on my camera while she was babysitting. Alex, oh Alex, you should have never done that... I am now going to have some fun at your expense.

This is Alex at the beginning of the night, you know when the kids are happy and smiling and playing nicely


This is Alex after the kids decided they have had enough of her and she's just about lost her mind


and this is Alex at the end of the night after she has gone completely mad from dealing with the insane wrath of my totally crazy sweet innocent little girls


Thanks Alex for watching my kids and giving me a good laugh. Now GIVE ME BACK MY CAMERA!!!!!



I got some shots of Ellie the other day sitting up on the hill in our back yard.



She was just sitting there, contently staring at the common ground, for once in her life not getting into trouble...

then she turned around.....


No wonder she was content.



I guess even when shes sitting doing nothing she is still getting into trouble.

Oh well.

Better chocolate than dirt.


cryfest 2010.

I love quilting.
After the worst week ever I decided to take a break from life and work on my quilt.


It was relaxing and peaceful until......

I laid it out on the floor and noticed this


MO FO!!!!!!

If you cant tell my mistake let me point it out to you


Orange next to orange?  I sewed it ass backwards! It was suppoesed to be pink/blue then orange/cream. 


I cried a river, threw it in the bin, and haven't looked at it since.  

Next time I make a quilt Im using an easier pattern.