While I am obsessively reading the never going to be published partial manuscript for Midnight Sun my kids are in the other room doing this to their poor rocking horse.




I guess it is better than them destroying the house. :)



Yesterday a friend from Ryan's work invited us out to ride his horses. We packed the car with a change of clothes for every type of weather and headed out. The farm was beautiful. There were so many horses! The place was clean and it felt great being there. The girls had a great time riding the horses. Isabela even got brave enough to turn around and ride backwards! Here are some pictures of our day.

There were a ton of miniature horses. They used to be show horses but they are retired now. This is the stud. He was always running!


I love how this weather vain looked against the darkening sky.


There were 2 Clydesdale there. They are my favorite horses. They are GIGANTIC but so gentle and loving.


Look at his beauty mark by his lip. So Madonna


I love their big furry feet!


This is the barn where the girls rode and where the minis were housed.


Here is a female horse that seemed to like me. She followed me everywhere.


A mama and her baby.


A horse by a lake.











On the Mend.

I am FINALLY on the mend and feeling like myself again.

In the 7 days that I was sick I did not touch my sewing machine. Not even once. 

All I did was sit on the couch and read every.single. book in the Twilight series.  I'm now obsessed with vampires and werewolves.  I love them. Big time.


Its time to put the books down and step back into the land of the living.

Im taking the rest of this week to clean all the germs out of my house, catch up on Mt. Laundry, and finish the pile of projects cluttering up my dining room table.

I'll be back next week! :)


Vintage Pearl giveaway.

Since I'm out of commission I will blog about an awesome giveaway.

Head over to The Vintage Pearl blog.

Oogle over her beautiful kids and photography(I only wish I had 1/2 her photographing skillz),

visit her shop and drool over all the beautiful necklaces,

and enter her giveaway.

You know I entered.

Who wouldn't want one of those!?

Out of Commission.

Sorry I've been out of commission this week.

We are battling a few cases of the Swine Flu in our home.

Kleenex and Cherry 7Up with antioxidants have been my best friends for the past 4 days.
 Hopefully I wont need them much longer.

I will return to blogland when Im feeling better.

Until then, please keep the Germ X handy and pray that you are never this ill.


You Inspire Me Feature.

If you read my blog you know that it is rare that I come up with my own ideas for projects. I am inspired everyday by some pretty amazing people.

Remember this desk?


My desk revamp was inspired by this desk, redone by Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative, and was featured in her "You inspire me!" post yesterday.

Infarrantly Creative is one of my favorite blogs for ideas and inspiration. If I would have never found Beckie's blog I would still have an ugly desk and I would be sitting at home watching t.v. on Monday nights instead of driving around looking for treasures in people trash, LOL.

Beckie is also the host of Roadkill Rescue Party. Here's the button (also located in my left sidebar).

If you have have ever turned any trash to treasure than you should join in on the fun on November 18th.

Thank you Beckie for inspiring me!!!!


sweet potatoes.

I caved in and harvested my sweet potatoes the other day even though they were not showing any signs of being ready.

Some were nice and some were small.

This one looks like a stomach


Here is the full harvest.


I am making a Tofurkey, stuffing, mashed cauliflower, and sweet potatoes tomorrow night to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.

No, I'm not Canadian but if somewhere in the world there is Thanksgiving going on you bet your sweet ass I'm eating a Thanksgiving feast with them!!!

Happy gardening!!!

and to all my Canadian friends(I only have one)




Friday was Isabela's annual Girl Scout outing to the pumpkin patch.

Thursday it rained. Down poured actually.

All. day. long.

Than it started back up again at 9 pm.

We all feared that there was not going to be any pumpkin patch outing the next day.

Friday we wake up to clear blue skies.

Everyone was happy.

It was a sloshy, muddy, messy, good time.






We went camping this weekend but decided to leave early due to the fact that it got down into the 40's at night plus the wind was blowing making it feel even colder.

Picture a very cold family of 5 huddled together shivering all night long.  Yep. That was us.  Needless to say we packed up and drove home the following night. 

It figures that the crazy rushed-out-the-door mama forgot the extra battery to the camera so this is the only picture I got the entire time.


Looks cold doesn't it?

Makes me wish I was in Florida with my parents.