It's all on the up & up.

How many times a week do you fill one of these carts up then go back around the store putting stuff back because you really don't need it? 

Don't lie.

I am a big fan of Target's Up and Up brand.


If there is something I need and Up and Up makes it chances are I am going to buy that over the popular, name brand.

Here are a few things that I ALWAYS buy on the Up and Up:

Advanced 7-Day whitening wraps
Hair and body baby wash
Kids sunscreen
1st aid spray
Radiant skin facial lotion
Positively smooth shave gel

Something Up and Up I bought that I will NEVER buy again:




Most people look forward to Fridays. Friday is the beginning of the weekend and for most people that means relaxing, hanging out with friends, being lazy, and having a good, stress-free time.

I on the other hand do not look forward to the weekend. Weekends are hectic.  Everyone is home, cooking is required 3 times a day, family activities last all day and leave me feeling drained and crabby by days end.  No time to relax, no time be lazy, no peace and quiet. Its just go, go, go.


For me Mondays are my T.G.I.F.  Husband goes back to work and the kids go back to school. I have time to sit down,drink my coffee, and read a book. I can clean the house and it stays that way, there is only one meal to prepare, and most importantly IT IS QUIET.

So to all my stay at home moms out there who have kids at school and husbands at work. Kick up your feet, read a book, have a mid-day cocktail, and RELAX!  You deserve it.


Just a few little things...

I don't like peanut butter.  I also don't like bananas. Putting the two together makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry.

Creepy little buggers.

I love, love, love the ocean and love, love, love the beach.  But the feel of ocean water and sand on my feet makes my skin crawl. Worse then nails on a chalkboard.  Worse then a million spiders crawling all over me.  Luckily, I have a great husband who pours clean water on me as needed.  He rocks.

 Those are my toes. 
You cant see my face or read my thoughts but believe me.  
I am totally freaking out.

 The Gateway arch is the tallest man made monument in the US.  It makes me sad that it is a short 20 min. drive down a highway I travel everyday of my life and I have never taken my kids to see it.

So pretty.
I need to put that on my list of things to do.

Toasted Ravioli is delicious.  It amazes me that it is on nearly every restaurant menu in St. Louis and yet while traveling, I rarely ever see it. For those of you who have never heard of toasted ravioli let me break it down for you - it's a regular ravioli, breaded in italian breadcrumbs, and fried. You can have it stuffed with pretty much anything you could ever want.  My favorite toasted ravioli is spinach artichoke.

yum..... I need to eat some. 

Have a great weekend!


Healthier dessert.

I keep seeing all these whoppie pie recipes all over and they are driving me INSANE.  Yesterday, my Nook got stuck on a picture of a whoppie pie and it kept zooming in and out as if it was saying to me,
"Lo, you know you want to eat this yummy, chocolate-y, icing filled, rolled in sprinkles deliciousness."
I said back to that nook, "Yep. You bet I do! But keep walking buddy I wont cave!"

Here is my version of a healthier whoopie pie.

-2 low calorie cookies. I use Dad's Original Scotch Oatmeal Cookies. 70 cals.
-1/4 C. of low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt. I like Edy's slow churn vanilla. 50 cals.
-a TBSP(or 2) of  caramel sauce.  44 cal for 1 TBSP. (or 88 cal. for 2)
- 5 pecan halves crushed up. 49 cal.

How to:
Just scoop the ice cream onto the bottom cookie, add the nuts to the caramel sauce, drizzle over the ice cream, and stick the top cookie on. That's it!

213 calories per serving OR 257 calories if you added the extra caramel sauce (you know you did.)

Not too shabby!!!



I have a really hard time with "me" because I still don't know how to fully define the word as it applies to myself but here I go....

About a year ago I became depressed. I was sad, crabby, irritable, I felt alone and unappreciated. It took everything I had to get out of bed everyday and face my, what I considered then, pathetic life. Days would go by and I would not change my clothes, brush my teeth, shower, or even leave the house.  There were times I would go sit in my car and contemplate driving away and never looking back. I was suffering, my kids were suffering, my marriage was suffering but I did not care.

In September I fell and sprained my ankle.  It was a really bad sprain that had me out of commission for nearly 5 months. In February I went to see my Orthopedic Doc and expressed my concerns about my weight gain and overall feeling crappy (crappier??) from sitting on the couch for 5 months.  I told him that I was thinking of running again.  I then asked him if I was clear to start and he responded by telling me that running was not an option for me.  I considered that an unacceptable answer.

I left his office, went to Target, bought an ankle and a knee brace, went home, and got on the treadmill.  It hurt. BAD. I was slow but I pushed on. Eventually my ankle and my knee got stronger until I was able to jog for 20 mins. without stopping.

For my birthday Ryan bought me an elliptical machine.  It has been a lifesaver. I was able to get rid of my knee and ankle braces and I run 3 miles nearly everyday.  I have lost 20 lbs. so far, I have energy, I have endurance, and I have strength.  I have confidence and self worth.  I am happier, my kids are happier, my husband is happier.

I'm not saying that running and losing weight changed me.  It didn't.  But it was a start.  A start to achieving goals. To not listening to anyone who tells me I can't. To taking control. To learning how to achieve.  All things I never believed myself capable of.

I am still depressed.  I still have days where every.single.task feels like I'm trying to climb Mt. Everest I Cry. I cry alot.  But unlike my tears from before, these tears feel good because I am working.  I am moving forward.  I am making progress.

I like routine. I like knowing. I like control. But those are all cushions to me.  Incapable of any change so I had to throw them out. It was hard.  I am learning to take each day as it comes.  All the differences, all the obstacles, all the challenges,  all the unknown.  It is scary but I do it. And everyday I am stronger because if it.

I can't honestly tell you who I am today, and chances are that I probably will not be able to answer that question a month from now.  But one day I will be able to answer and answer in confidence.  I cant wait for that day.

For now I am going to write.  Blogging is something I like to do. It will probably be randomLight and happy at times, deep and sad at others.  This will be good for me.

All photos were found on we heart it LOVE that site.


A new family member.

A few months ago things got crazy around here so we decided it was time to add another family member.  Because that's what all totally insane people do when life gets out of control, right??? 

IT'S A BOY!!!! 

Meet Ringo.

He is an apricot Goldendoodle that we adopted from a rescue shelter when he was 14 weeks old and 24 lbs.

Today, Ringo is 6 months old, 48 lbs, and still growing.  He is such a good dog and the girls love him to pieces.

 I think he's a keeper.

As a non-lover of furry pets I have adapted to having a big, really furry dog, surprisingly well.  It was a good step towards breaking free from some of my OCD tendencies.  Having him around put me out of my element which was scary at first but I grew used to very quickly.  He can be a pain at times, makes me mad, makes me happy, make me cry, makes me wonder WHY!?!?!, but just like any of my girls, I would not trade him for anything in the world.


The Nuggets.

In our family our girls are know as nuggets.  We have big nugget, little nugget, and middle nugget. 

Big nugget.
Isabela aka Bela.  Age 9. Loves swimming, playing outdoors, camping, bike riding, and spending the night at her friend Melanie's house.  She is growing up so fast. So fast in fact, that she is only a head shorter than me and is wearing my shoes.  Good for her, bad for me. Watching her blossom is truly an amazing experience.  She will be starting 4th grade in a few weeks. I don't really know how I feel about that yet.

Middle nugget.
Olivia aka Livi.  Age 5. Loves to sing, dance, laugh, choreograph her own plays with her vast collection of Littlest Pet Shop animals, and hang out with her BFF Abi.  She is spunky and loud and sometimes obnoxious but we never love her any less. Her smile and laughter can lighten up a room and everyone who meets her falls in love.  She is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks and like with Isabela, I don't know how I feel about that yet.

Little nugget.
Eliana aka Ellie.  Age 2.5. Loves to run, jump, climb, make messes, get into trouble, stir the pot... typical 2 year old right?  She has such a sweet little face, eyes, and smile that sometimes, just sometimes, for a split second I actually forget all the hell she raises on a daily basis. She makes me smile, she makes me laugh, she makes me scream, and makes me cry but I love her to the moon and back and would not trade her for anything in the world.  She is starting her first year of Preschool in a few week and I KNOW how I feel about that.  Here's a hint: I'm not sad. At.All.