A new family member.

A few months ago things got crazy around here so we decided it was time to add another family member.  Because that's what all totally insane people do when life gets out of control, right??? 

IT'S A BOY!!!! 

Meet Ringo.

He is an apricot Goldendoodle that we adopted from a rescue shelter when he was 14 weeks old and 24 lbs.

Today, Ringo is 6 months old, 48 lbs, and still growing.  He is such a good dog and the girls love him to pieces.

 I think he's a keeper.

As a non-lover of furry pets I have adapted to having a big, really furry dog, surprisingly well.  It was a good step towards breaking free from some of my OCD tendencies.  Having him around put me out of my element which was scary at first but I grew used to very quickly.  He can be a pain at times, makes me mad, makes me happy, make me cry, makes me wonder WHY!?!?!, but just like any of my girls, I would not trade him for anything in the world.

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