What a deal!!!

I'm so lucky. Ellie has an entire winter wardrobe and then some that a friend lent to us and Olivia was given bags full of clothes from a preschool friend. Poor Isabela, no one has any hand me downs for her. Darn. She has to get all new clothes.

Saturday I decided I was going to go to Kohl's to get her winter wardrobe. I had a 15% off coupon so I figured that would be the best place for me to go. Then, on Sunday, my mother-in-law called and said that her parents bought the girls some outfits, from Kohl's, that I was going to need to return because they were all adult petite large, LOL.

So yesterday I went to Kohl's and return all the WAY to big clothes and got store credit. Then I go CRAZY!! I bought stacks of clothes for Isabela and a few for Olivia since she loves clothes so much. Im standing in line for seriously an hour. The stack of clothes kept falling over onto Ellie and I was getting pissed. I think someone sensed my frustration and a woman came over and asked if I wanted to check out in jewelry. I thanked her so much and got the stink eye from the gazillion other people who were in line in front of me. Sorry folks!

So I check out and my jaw keeps dropping farther and farther down towards the floor. Not because of how much I spent but by how much I saved!!! Check this out:


Do you see that?!?!

I saved more than I spent! Now that's a deal.

So run on over to Kohls and buy your kiddos(or yourself) some new clothes :)


Kate and Crew said...

Holy crap LL - that's highway robbery!!! How cool for you! I got a deal like that on meat once. Never on clothes. Giggle. I said meat.

pink-to-green said...

Holy Moly! What a great feeling to have saved that much! Thanks again for your really nice comments on Pink to Green :)