Dumpster Diving.

I have a new found passion for turning trash into treasure. Unfortunately, with this basement remodel I don't have the money to go garage saleing every weekend nor do I have any desire to drag 3 kids around with me so I decided to become a dumper diver.

Unfortunately, I am not witty enough to actually go into a dumpster. I'm scared a raccoon or a rat is going to jump out and eat my face. Also the fact of digging through who knows what just is not very appealing to me.

That was a joke. We all know dumpster diving does not {always} involve going into a dumpster. People are too lazy to throw stuff in, they just put stuff near them, LOL.

Anyway, since I'm not jumping into any dumpsters anytime soon I decided I would try out the next best thing.

Tuesday is trash day around here so Monday night after the kids and the hubs were asleep and the house was picked up I got into my van and drove around hoping to score some good junk. I found this in someone's recycle bin:

I cant believe someone would throw out a perfectly good vase! At least they were going to recycle it.

I also found this:

If you cant tell, it's is a plant stand.

We have a lot of plants so I was just going to paint it and stick a plant in it but now I'm thinking I want to do something cool with it. The problem is I have no idea what. I lack envisioning skillz so I'm stumped.

Suggestions are always welcome and very much appreciated :)

Have a happy, safe, and fun holiday weekend everyone!!!!!

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