I LOVE Recessionista!!! 

 Heres a bit of info:

"A Recessionista is one who, despite an economic downturn, evokes the creative power and continues to look like a million bucks while only spending a few. She can endure burden and misfortune that accompany a poor economy. Refusing to go without, she searches the sales, frequents the discount stores and always leaves with her head held high and a smile across her face, knowing she found some incredible deals. In other words, she proudly follows the motto, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

We, at Recessionista, believe that a woman should never be forced to compromise quality or style due to a slumping economy. Likewise, we believe that a woman should never overpay.

One savvy shopper's transition to Recessionista sparked an idea - an idea now known as the Recessionista Party. Imagine an exclusive gathering with other fellow recessionistas to shop the same authentic name brands found at fancy department stores and discount stores alike. Without the costly overhead found with large stores, the prices go way down and the savings stay in your purse.

Dread shopping? Hate the malls? Well, Recessionista is your dream come true. We believe in a low-key, laid back atmosphere - with an upscale twist - and enough jaw-dropping priced merchandise to keep you coming back for more. Invite your friends, put up your feet and let us do the work by bringing the store to you.

Whatever your style or preference, we're confident you'll love Recessionista - where savvy shopping is always a party!"

Recessionista parties, online parties, weekly specials, GIVEAWAYS......


Want a to win a 100% genuine Coach bag?  Then head on over to Recessionista and enter.

I also have the button over on my left sidebar. :)

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